November 15, 2022


by: Jinn Samantha Macaranas (10D), Kelsey Maxine M. Ballesteros (10A) & Janel Ranola (10D), SMILE Club Members.

In the life of a Catholic, the month of October is eminently significant since it is our tradition and practice to pray the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Holy Rosary is everywhere. Look around you! A colorful Rosary can be found in altars - in our homes, in various kinds of transportation, public or private, inside our bags, and of course inside the church.

The Rosary is a form of prayer that we use in connection with the prayer beads. The term "Rosary," which is translated as "Crown of Roses" or "Garland of Roses" in Latin, is the origin where the word came from. The Rosary Prayer recounts the life of Jesus and his mother, Mary. According to the Dominican Friars, each mystery talks about the encounter of Jesus as He experience the life of becoming fully human, from joy to sorrow, and from death until resurrection. It starts with the annunciation of the Angel, Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive the savior of humanity, and until the resurrection of Jesus and coronation of Mary in heaven.

Praying the rosary is more than just stating a prayer, it plays a vital role in our relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. Our petitions when we pray the rosary shows that we human beings are powerless to control everything in the world; therefore, we rely on the guidance of Mary and Jesus. Like when a natural calamity strikes, we turn to Mary and pray to her in hope that she would hear our pleas and send them to her son, Jesus. Even though the prayer of the Rosary is not in the Bible, its elements are based on the Bible. It is focused on Jesus' human life, and when we pray for it, it gives us a chance to pause, reconnect with Him, and acknowledge His love for us. Furthermore, when we hold the Rosary, it feels as if we are holding Jesus' hands, which offers us reassurance that we are safe whenever we are with him.

Mary is the model disciple, let us strive to be like her. For us to be Christ-like and follow His footsteps towards peace. Ad Jesum per Mariam - an old slogan that means "To Jesus through Mary," perfectly captures the Rosary’s aim and purpose. The Rosary can be carried so easily, but its role in our life as a Catholic is indeed extraordinary. All that is stated led us to one great advice; to always have your Rosary with you.

“Don’t be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayer petitions, along with giving thanks.” Philippians 4:6. In a life full of problems don’t be afraid to reach out to Mary – every day, we face different challenges and all we need to do is to pick up our rosary and pray silently. Thank God for the blessings we have received so far. Always remember, Mama Mary loves you!

: Ryza Asignacion, 10B

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