All student organization and co-curricular activities are temporarily suspended.

Psychosocial and spiritual activities will be offered to the students throughout the school year to guide them psychologically, socially, and spiritually.
a. Online Counseling

Guidance Personnel are available for online counseling. You can email them in their official NSDAPS email addresses. (e.g. Guidance Personnel Name: Juan A. Dela Cruz / Official NSDAPS email add: Please include your queries/concerns, NAME, Grade and Section, Student ID Number in your Message. Guidance Personnel Directory: Mrs. Nelia S. Mamuyac Ms. Razandra L. Palacio Pre-School to Grade 3 Grades 4 to 6 Mrs. Mary Claire S. Tapel Mrs. Kristine Charity D. Ismael Grades 7 to 9 Grades 10 to 12

b. NSDAPS Guidance and Counseling Center Official Facebook Page / NSDAPS Website

Students and Parents may visit NSDAPS Guidance and Counseling Center Official Facebook Page/ NSDAPS Website and find useful sources of information on maintaining mental health and well-being. For GENERAL concerns, you may also send us Facebook message or email us at

2.2.1. Health Policy and Guidelines

In line with the policy issued by Nuestra Sra. De Aranzazu Parochial School pursuant to RA 11058 and its implementing Rules and Regulations and aligned with the minimum safety and health standards of the Department of Health, the following health guidelines will be implemented for the students during the Online Learning Platform.

a. Medical and Dental Services are available on the online process through the website.
b. There will be a link on the Clinic for consultation on health concerns (Monday to Friday) during office hours, staffed with a nurse, physician and a dentist who will respond to the health needs of the school community with proper intervention, treatment and or referral.
c. Information dissemination, updates and health protocol to prevent sickness will be posted on the Health Corner of the website.
d. Possible outbreak of disease and prevention of its spread especially Corona Virus Disease will be done through the following policy:
2.2.2. Contact Tracing Guidelines

Contact tracing of the CoVid 19 cases requires all the parents to report to the Clinic through the link health condition of the students/ and family members.

a. If they are experiencing sore throat, headache, body pain and fever.
b. If they stayed in the same environment of confirmed CoVid 19 case.
c. If they have had any contact with anyone with fever, cough, cold and sore throat.
d. If they have travelled outside or inter-island in the Philippines.
e. If they have travelled to any area of NCR or Metro Manila aside from home.
2.2.3. Reporting of Probable or Suspected Cases

Probable or suspected cases will be reported to the Municipal Health Office for possible investigation, testing and treatment.


Spiritual and moral growth of the students with special focus/ concern on the integration of faith and life is handled by this office. It facilitates also the outreach programs of the school.

2.3.1. Guidelines on Mass Attendance

Aranzan students are still required to attend Sunday masses this time of “new normal” as the school believes that faith life of students is an essential part of their formation. In lieu with this the following guidelines will be followed:

a. Students are expected to follow the guidelines in attending online masses.
b. Students need to submit a Sunday monitoring sheet which includes the following information:
• Name of church
• Name of Priest
• Date and time of the mass the student attended
• Short reflection from the homily of the priest
• Present proof of online mass attendance (screenshot, photo showing the student’s virtual attendance while mass is ongoing)
c. Sunday monitoring sheet will be submitted to the CLE teacher via email not later than an hour after the online mass.
2.3.2. Guidelines in attending Mass

In line with the suspension of masses in the different churches, the faithful are encouraged to attend mass through livestreams. Here are some important reminders when attending online mass.

a. Prepare a table with an appropriate cover, place a candle and crucifix on it.
b. Gather together as a family at the same time.
c. Dress appropriately as you would do for Church.
d. Recite the prayers and responses. Reflect on the readings. Join in singing the hymns.
e. Switch off other electronic devices. Refrain from doing any chores.
f. Focus completely on the Holy Eucharist. Immerse yourself in the presence of God and receive Spiritual Communion. Join the priest in praying the Act of Spiritual Communion. (see Appendices for the copy of prayer)

Free spiritual counseling services are offered by the following Christian Living Education teachers:
Mrs. Rachel A. Buerano

Miss Joan Mindoro

Bro. Alfie Angeles
Insert FB link and email add

Students can access and use information for educational purposes through World Book Online.

a. For old student, login using the User ID: nsdapslibrary. Password is available upon request to the librarian.
b. For new students, ideas or instruction on how to use each product, free resources and more can be accessed by clicking the instruction button.

NSDAPS SAFETY AND HEALTH STANDARDS to Reduce the Transmission of Covid-19

Step 1 (at the Main Guard on duty)
a. Accomplish daily the health checklist
b. Check and Record Temperature. Any temperature higher than the normal temperature of 37.5 degree Celsius shall not be allowed to enter the school premises.
c. Submit the accomplished Health Checklist to the Lady Guard on duty.
Step 2
a. Before entering the campus, disinfect: soak shoes on foot bath, wash hands and spray alcohol to both hands.
b. Wear mask at all times.
Step 3
a. Practice physical distancing at all times.
b. When walking observe the Keep Right Policy except when crossing.

The student’s compliance of school rules and regulations and the prescription of necessary penalties for non-compliance are handled by the Prefect of Student Discipline. Prefect of Student Activities, on the other hand, looks after the extra-curricular activities of students for their wholesome physical growth and development so that venues can be provided, where students can creatively direct their energies, maximize the potentials, and participate actively in the internal process of human transformation.

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