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The period of registration is reflected in the approved school calendar.  As a general rule, students shall enroll within the registration period.

1. Enrolment forms can be secured from the Registrar Office and   shall be accomplished preferably by the parents themselves, or by the students assisted by their parents / guardian.

2. Students shall enroll on the date set for their particular grade/year level. Failure to come on the prescribed enrolment period without clearance from
the Director / Principal may make the students forfeit the right to enroll.

3. The students are considered enrolled only after payment of required fees.

4. CREDENTIALS submitted for enrollment become part of the school records.




Tuition fees and other charges are prescribed by the school with the appropriate instructions coming from the Department of Education, (DepEd).  These charges are itemized and posted in the bulletin of information and are applicable for the term prescribed.  Notice of any change in fees will be posted in advance.


A. CASH - (with 5% discount on the tuition fee)

B. SEMESTRAL   - Payment will be as follows:
- Upon Registration         - First payment
- October 5                    - Full payment

C. QUARTERLY  - Payment will be as follows:
- Upon Registration        - First payment
- August 5                     - Second payment
– November 5               - Third payment
- Feb 5                         - Full payment

D. MONTHLY    - Payment will be as follows:
- Upon Registration         - First payment
- Every fifth day of the month (from July to March)


Reservation fee is P500.00 which is deductible from the miscellaneous fee upon enrollment. This is non-refundable and non-transferable if not enrolling.
Refunds on Payments

When a student registers in a school, it is understood that he is
enrolling for the whole school-year.

A student who  transfers or withdraws after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other fees in full or any length longer than one month is entitled to a refund of the tuition, but will be charged in accordance with the following rules:

-10%  of  the total amount due for the term, if withdrawal is from enrollment up to first week of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes.

-20% of the total amount due for the term, if withdrawal is made  anytime within the second week of classes.

-100% of the total amount due for the term, if withdrawal is made after the second week of classes.

-Exception:   However  if  the transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable  reason  the student will be charged fees  only up to and including  the  last  month  of attendance,  upon approval of the Director.


The promotion or retention of a student is determined by his performance in a grade/year level. Depending on the performance, a student may finish the whole course in school or may be asked to finish it in another school.

A. PROMOTIONStudents Listening

Advancement from one academic grade/year to the next requires that students obtain passing grades in all their subjects and meet the general average requirement. He should be able to show capability to undertake
the required class work in the higher grade/year level.

As a general rule, no student shall be graduated unless he has a residence of at least one curriculum year.


The subject load and sequence of subjects of students are in accordance with the approved curriculum for each program or course of study.


High school students whose general average is 76 and below and /or have failed a subject/s will be placed on “Academic Probation”. 

A student - on - probation should pass all subjects in the succeeding school year and should have a general average of 77 and above, or else will be asked to transfer to another school.


A student enrolled may transfer to another school, provided there are  no unsettled obligations with the Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School.

The release of transfer credentials of any student may be withheld for reason of suspension, expulsion, non-payment of financial obligations or property responsibility of the student to the school.  The credentials shall be released only after the obligation has been settled or the penalty of suspension or expulsion lifted.

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