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Truly an education like nowhere else; that is why an Aranzan is growing continuously in the knowledge and understanding of their God-given capabilities for continued personal and social development.


The school has adopted its own criteria for academic honors and award system.

A. Honors for Pre-Elementary Department

For every class in Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory levels, at the end of the school year special awards are given for Best in Math, Best in Religion and other subject areas.

B. Honors for Undergraduates

The selection of honor students in the elementary (Grade 1- 5) and high school (first year to third year) shall be done on the basis of merits, fairness and justice.

a. For the first three (3) grading periods, the first ten (10) students for every class who obtain the highest general average are candidates for academic honors, wherein merit certificates are given.

b. At the end of the school year the first ten (10) students who obtain the over-all highest general average for every level will be awarded.

c. Sequentialists are students who vie for honors. They are those who were included in the outstanding pupils of his/her class with no grade lower than 80 and no grade of C in conduct per grading period. They are ranked among the first 15 pupils of the grade/year level after the third grading period.

d. Distinction in curricular and co-curricular activities are awarded to recognize excellence in specific fields:

I. Elementary

  • St. Thomas Moore (English)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Award (Math)
  • Horacio dela Costa Award (Sibika)
  • St. Albert The Great Award (Science)
  • Best in Religion
  • Best in Arts
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Award (Filipino)
  • Best in Computer
  • Outstanding Knights of the Altar
  • Athlete of the Year

II. High School

  • Best in Religion
  • Best in Filipino
  • Best in English
  • Best in Math
  • Best in Science
  • Best in Social Studies
  • Best in Arts
  • Best in Music
  • Best in Computer
  • Military Leadership Award
  • Gerry Roxas Leadership Award
  • Model Student of the Year

e. Candidates for honors must have no grade lower than 80 in any subject and no grade of C in conduct in all grading periods.

C. Honors for Graduating Students / Pupils

a. Elementary Department

1. The selection of honor pupils is governed by DepEd Order No. 9, s.2004.

2. The honor pupils to be selected are to de designated as:

a. First Honors - Unang Karangalan
b. Second Honors - Ikalawang Karangalan
c. First Honorable Mention - Unang Karangalang Banggit
d. Second Honorable Mention - Ikalawang Karangalang Banggit
e. Third Honorable Mention - Ikatlong Karangalang Banggit
f. Fourth Honorable Mention - Ikaapat na Karangalang Banggit
g. Fifth Honorable Mention - Ikalimang karangalang Banggit
h. Sixth Honorable Mention - Ikaanim na Karangalang Banggit

3. All deserving graduating pupils or in Grade 6 class shall be considered in the selection of honors. All awards shall be based on academic standing or general average only.

4. Candidates for honors must have no grade lower than 80 in any subject and no grade of C in conduct in any subject in any grading period.

5. For the First and Second Honors, they must have a residence of at least one curriculum year.

b. High School Department
To give due and proper recognition to graduating students who have shown exemplary performance in their high school work, the guidelines for the selection of honor students (DepEd Order No. 9 series of 2004) are revised as follows:

1. Only the top two (2) students in academic subjects, shall be ranked to determine the Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Academic standing shall be based on the general average of the students.

2. Ranking for Valedictorian and Salutatorian at the secondary level shall follow the 7-3 point scheme, that is academic excellence shall be given 7 points, co-curricular activities, 2 points, and conduct 1 point.

3. The number of honor students to be declared honorable mention shall be no more than one percent (1%) of the total number of the graduating students. However, this number may be increased in case of a tie.

4. Any member of the graduating classes is eligible to be a candidate for honors by meeting the following requirements:

i. He must have no grade lower than 80% in any subject during the fourth year in any grading period as recorded in the student’s Form 137 and 138-A, and no grade of C in conduct in any subject in any grading period.
ii. He must be an active member of at least two authorized (i.e. approved and sanctioned by the school) student organizations or clubs during the fourth year.
iii. He must have conducted himself in conformity with the school rules and regulations, and have not received any penalty for infraction of discipline.
iv. The Valedictorian & Salutatorian must have a residence of at least one curriculum year.

c. The following criteria and corresponding weights shall be used in determining the valedictorian and salutatorian;

1. Academic Excellence - 70 %
Academic excellence shall be based on the general average of the grades of the candidate in fourth year. The final grades in the fourth year should be completed before the last three weeks of the school year. It should be based on the work done during the last grading period.

2. Conduct - 10%
The conduct shall be based on the final grades of the candidate from 1st to the 4th quarter given by the subject teachers.

3. Performance in Co-curricular Activities - 20%
Performance shall be based on active participation of the candidate in fourth year in at least two authorized (i.e., approved and sanctioned by the school) student organizations or clubs. (Literary musical activities, sports, awards in recognition of actualization of what the student learned in school, travels in relation to school work, activities, researchers, school paper and school band).

d. A selection committee shall be created by the principal to screen candidates and select honor students.

e. Final selection of honor students, after having been cleared with the division office, shall be announced by the principal with the approval by the director.

f. Protest should be filed not later than five (5) working days before graduation. Settlement of protest should be made three (3) working days at the division level only.

D. Loyalty Awards

The Gold Loyalty Medal is awarded to the graduate who has studied from Kindergarten to Fourth Year in NSDAPS.

E. Co-Curricular Awards

The following guidelines are presented for a sound and objective evaluation of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of students of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School:

a. Evaluation of co-curricular/extra-curricular activities shall start from the first year of enrollment of the student until his graduation.

b. The rating scales for various types of involvement in co-curricular /extra-curricular activities shall therefore be accomplished by the student and signed by the activity adviser or duly authorized person and submitted in a properly labeled long brown envelope to the Students Affairs Office within two weeks after each activity for confirmation and safekeeping.

c. The evaluation for Leadership in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Awards for the graduating seniors shall be done before the deliberation of honor students. The Student Affairs Chairman shall determine the recipient for the different awards based on the total number of points earned by the students for involvement in co-curricular /extra –curricular activities.

d. To qualify for the awards, the student shall meet the following qualifications:

1. Only bonafide candidates for graduation without any unit deficiency may be considered for the award.
2. A candidate shall not have been suspended for any documented violation of rules and regulations, irresponsibility / abandonment of duties as elected officers, and engaging in activities detrimental to the welfare and interest of the school.

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