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An education like nowhere else. Except the real world. An education like nowhere else. Except the real world.
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Truly an education like nowhere else; that is why an Aranzan is growing continuously in the knowledge and understanding of their God-given capabilities for continued personal and social development.


A grading system is designed to provide incentive reward for achievement and assist in identifying problems of the students.

A. Criteria for Grades

Kindly download the Criteria for Grades of all Levels here

B. Grading Marks

1. Grading marks are in numerical percent with 75% as the passing mark in all subjects; however there should be no failing grade below 65%.

2. Grades shall not be computed on the basis of any transmutation table that equates zero to a pre-selected base (such as 50 or 70) and adjusts other scores accordingly.

3. Scores shall be recorded as raw scores, totaled at the end of each grading period and then computed as percentage (i.e.[student’s score : highest possible score] x 100).

C. Submission of Grades

1. All grades, periodic as well as final, shall be submitted not later than 10 days after the last day of the examination period.

2. Final grades, once submitted to the Principal and approved by the Director becomes official records and cannot be altered or modified by the teachers who gave the grades without first seeking permission from school authorities. Any approved change or erasure shall be signed or initialed by the teacher making the alteration or modification.

3. Final grades of graduating students, together with their examination paper and examination questions shall be submitted not later than the specified date as required.


Report cards shall be given to contain the performance of the students in school.

1. Report cards will be issued to the parents on dates scheduled by the school.

2. Report cards must be signed by the parents / guardian properly. No other person may sign for on or behalf of the parents / guardian.

3. A student without an examination permit will not be allowed to enter the school premises.

4. The best time for parents and teachers to discuss the progress or problems of their children is when the parents come to get their children’s report card, though parents are advised to come and check the performance of their son/daughter periodically.

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