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An education like nowhere else. Except the real world. An education like nowhere else. Except the real world.
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Truly an education like nowhere else; that is why an Aranzan is growing continuously in the knowledge and understanding of their God-given capabilities for continued personal and social development.


A Student is required to attend to all classes and other school activities punctually and regularly from the first day of classes.  If it is necessary for him to miss the classes, the teacher should be informed so that arrangements can be made for make up work. 


1. The student is considered late once he or she arrived (at) after 7am and before 7:15 am.

2. If the student is tardy, he/she shall follow these procedures:

a. log in the security guard record book (one folder record per year level/section)
b. do the regular morning exercise
c. report to the Student Affairs Office for ADMIT-TO-CLASS SLIP and do the assigned community service before dismissal.

3. The teachers will not accept late students without ADMIT-TO-CLASS SLIP


1   First offense 
First warning (verbal and written) to be given by the adviser/subject teacher

2. Second offense 
Final warning (verbal and written) to be given by the adviser/subject teacher

3.   Third offense
The adviser will report the student to the Prefect to be subjected to community service

4.   Fourth Offence 
Recommended for parent-teacher conference for the following day.
If the parents did not come and was not able to return the reply slip  the student shall not be admitted

The slip shall be collected by the adviser and must be submitted to the (OSA) Prefect at the end of the week. The adviser shall call the attention of the parents immediately.

Three incidents of unjustified tardiness in a week constitute an absence and the parents/guardian shall see the class adviser, the student affairs officer, and if necessary, the principal.

Student will no longer be admitted to class/school after 8 o’clock in the morning. 

Parents need to write a note in the handbook for any reason of unavoidable tardiness of the student.  Only excused tardiness are entitled to admit to class and to take up make-up works while unexcused tardy are not entitled for make-up works for missed quizzes and other class activities.

Frequent unexcused tardiness in a week will be recommended for suspension. 


In case of an absence, a student must present an excuse slip signed by the parents/guardian, stating the reason(s) for the absence.  No student is allowed to make an excuse slip in place of his parents / guardian.

A student will be marked absent if he/she comes in 1 hour after the  bell has been rang for the start of classes, and thus shall no longer be   admitted to class.

A student who cuts classes shall not be admitted in all his/her classes the next day unless accompanied by his/her parents or authorized guardian.

The student will be held responsible for all assignments and related classroom work missed during the absence.

Three consecutive tardy marks will also constitute an absence.

After three incidents of unjustified absences, the parents shall be asked to see the adviser, guidance  Accumulated unexcused absences will be subject for parent-teacher conference and suspension.

Any student who incurs 20% of the total number of the class hours shall be automatically dropped from the school roll and will be  given  a  failing  grade, unless for justifiable reasons, the Director decides otherwise.


On Leaving the Classroom

Call Slip

No Student is allowed to leave the room during class time, except when he is served a CALL SLIP signed by any of the following:  the Principal, the Guidance Counselor or the Student Affairs Officer.  A student may leave a test only when given a slip marked URGENT and signed by the Principal.

Student Pass
Students are expected to remain in class for the entire period.  They are not allowed to leave the classroom without permission from the teacher.  Teachers will issue a STUDENT PASS ID (Clinic Pass, Office Pass, Restroom Pass) when it is appropriate to allow a student to go out of the classroom.

Student Permit
Students must secure a Student Permit when they have to leave the class room for school activities during class hours.  Club moderators or subject area coordinators are responsible for requesting student permits using PULL-OUT FORM to be issued by the Office of the Student Affairs.

Any student caught without a STUDENT PERMIT ID while attending school activities during class hours will be sent to the Office of the Student Affairs.  He/She will be given a warning and then will be sent back to the
classroom.  Three warning will mean one incident report.

On Leaving the School Premises

No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during class hours unless a permit slip is presented to the guard, duly signed by the student and class adviser, with the approval of the director, principal, assistant principal or prefect of discipline.  The guard on duty will write a report on security logbook.


Periodical examinations, quizzes and other tests are scheduled during the school-year in order to determine the rate of improvement of the students.

A. Periodical Examinations

1. Four major examinations are required to be taken by the students for every subject.

2. Every student taking the examination will have to present an examination permit.

3. A student without an examination permit will not be allowed to enter the school premises.

4. Financial obligations should be settled five days before the scheduled examination.

B. Special Examinations

1. Any student who fails to take the major examination or its equivalent on the scheduled date due to serious illness, accident, serious man - made disaster, natural calamity directly affecting the family, or death of an immediate family member, may be given special examination, ten days after the scheduled examination upon completion of the requirements specified under the procedure for special examinations.

2. Procedure for Special Examinations

a.The parent files a formal letter of request for special examination to the Principal.

b.The Principal consults the teacher concerned and evaluates the request. If the teacher consents to the granting of the request, the letter of request will be signed by the teacher.

c.The teacher will then inform the Principal of the date of examination or of the equivalent requirement.

C. Special Quiz

A special quiz or its equivalent may be granted to a student who has been absent to make up for the missed exams.

D. Clearance

Two weeks before the final exams, students should secure clearance from the following:
- Cashier
- Principal
- Registrar
- Class Adviser
- Subject Teachers
- Librarian
- Guidance
- Student Affairs
- Canteen-in-charge
- Supplies-in-charge

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