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Seek Education. Affirm Faith. Change the World. Seek Education. Affirm Faith. Change the World.
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“Mould it! with your hand”
Arts helps improve our relationship with nature”.

Reducing the use of tarpaulins and use your artistic skills (pencil and paper) in designing notices, announcements etc. If it is still necessary to use tarpaulins, we apply the concept of re-using it, next time (no date).


GIVE ME A 30 MINUTE BREAK Yes we're open Ako ay Aranzan, Ako ay Handa
Gawad KKK Fashionista de Vazura How long can you live?
Luntiang Araw Plant a Tree, Earn a Degree NO Trashcan
Box of Life Rainwater Harvesting Green Walsl of Nuestra
Eco-friendly Community Reduce, Reuse, Recycle SAVE ME/ YES_O
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