November 15, 2022

by: Zhamirah Pospos, 8E & Hannah Torres, 8B

Grade 8 students celebrated their onsite recollection on the 21st of October at
Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu SHS Annex building with the theme of
“Celebrating Friendship with Jesus”.
The said event gave the students a chance to meditate with their own thoughts,
share and collect new experiences, and discover God’s presence in their lives
that would help them gain a greater understanding of who they are.

The recollection was done in each designated classroom. It started with a Holy Mass
after which the presentation of Mr. Bryson Bonsol for the recollection came next.
The recollection started with an exercise to energize and prepare students with the incoming activities.
After the exercise it was followed with an opening prayer, soon after, the pupils started to
meditate in order to clear their minds and fill them with God's presence.

The next activity was “Kamustahan” in the form of writing down hashtags.
This activity helped students to check up on themselves and their emotional well being.
The speaker then presented the students with a song of ‘I Am Ever With You’ by Arnel Aquino, SJ.
He then told us to share our favorite line from the song and state why we chose it. Afterwards,
he recounted the bible story about Zacchaeus which inspired the learners to reflect and assess their own experiences.

Students recorded their reflections on their notebooks together with the activities that followed.
For the completion of each reflective question, there was a "Faith Sharing”
that encouraged students to share their thoughts and convey them to the rest of the class.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and gained fresh, inspiring wisdom.
The recollection concluded brightly as each student was able to reevaluate themselves
as they grew deeper in faith and friendship with Jesus.

????: Mary Grace Mestiola, 8C

#SulatAranzan #LikhangAranzan #DefendersAndCompanionsOfTruth
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