NSDAPS Prevention and Control of CoViD-19

January 27, 2021

In accordance with RA 11058 and its implementing Rules and Regulations and aligned with the minimum safety and health standards of the Department of Health, Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School has issued policies for the information and guidance of the workers / employees in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID- 19. Orientation has been made to all employees to fully understand its importance and its effects to everyone.

As a precautionary measure, NSDAPS is directed to implement minimum health standards and protocols in order to lessen the transmission of Covid-19. This include health information dissemination about the disease, its transmission, outcome and treatment option to workers. The school also provides resources and materials needed to keep the workers healthy and the workplace safe such as masks, face shield, sanitizers and PPE suits. Safety and Health committee has designated a team to monitor COVID-19 prevention and control measures such as physical distancing, wearing of masks, regular disinfection, compliance to thermal scanning and accomplishing health symptoms questionnaire. There are steps to be followed before anyone can enter the school premises. First you need to accomplish the Health Checklist, then the temperature will be checked, recorded and submitted for assessment. Once permitted to enter, you need to disinfect by soaking your shoes on the foot bath mat and wash hands properly from the portable lavatory. Sanitizers are provided in the designated areas and disinfection was being done every two hours to avoid contamination. Healthy lifestyle was also emphasized to all the employees such as proper nutrition, regular exercise, having adequate rest and sleep, proper hygiene, sanitation and proper respiratory etiquette such as coughing ang sneezing. To minimize the contact rate, the school offer alternative work arrangements, such as working-hour shifts, work from home, where feasible and on rotation basis. Office tables are also arranged in order to observe proper social distancing. Meetings needing physical presence shall be kept to a minimum number of participants and with short duration while videoconferencing will be utilized for lengthy discussions. The school also ensures proper monitoring and referral of the health needing counselling or presenting with mental health concerns.

There are also guidelines for the care of workers who are suspected with COVID 19. He/ she shall be immediately proceed to the isolation room with his/her face mask on. The clinic personnel who will be attending to the patient must wear appropriate PPE. Then he will be referred to school affiliated healthcare provider or to the nearest local health center or hospital for laboratory confirmation. If the history, signs and symptoms are consistent with a suspected case of COVID-19, will immediately be reported to the DOH,

ensuring the implementation of recommendations provided by the DOH on the management and transport of suspected case. The work area will be decontaminated with appropriate disinfectant. Workers present in the work area with the suspect COVID-19 worker shall go on 14 days home quarantine with specific instructions from the school nurse on monitoring of symptoms and possible next steps. If suspect COVID-19 worker has negative result, co-workers may be allowed to report back to work.

Health Policy and guidelines for the students during the Online Learning Platforms will be implemented in the form of online consultation through the school’s website. There will be a link to the clinic for consultation on health concerns during the school hours. Information dissemination, updates, health protocol to prevent sickness will be posted on the Health Corner of the website. Possible outbreak of disease and prevention of its spread specially Corona Virus Disease will be done through contact tracing policy that the parent shall report to the clinic the student/ and family members’ any manifestation of the said disease. Probable or suspected case will be reported to the Municipal Health Office for possible investigation, testing and treatment. Any information shall be kept confidential following the Data Privacy Act.

In this time of pandemic, each one of us has own contribution to help end this situation we are experiencing, by faithfully following this Health Protocol, keeping ourselves healthy and offering prayers.  Many are suffered, some are departed and others risked their lives to fight against this disease.  The World Health Organization, the governments, medical experts and scientists are doing their parts to work hand in hand to find solutions to this problem. So this is an opportunity for us to be one in all these circumstances by putting hope and trust to our God Almighty, who is bigger than this Corona virus.

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